when you are super happy and then something bad happens


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My first attempt at making a pigtail part! Not really perfect, as you can still obviously see the weft track, but I’m pretty pleased with it!

It was originally a Miku wig. I sawed off half the ponytails, sewed them into wefts, and sewed the wefts to the back part of the wig. I put the whole thing into a batch of purple dye to take some of the green out , curled the pigtails a bit, and now I love it ^u^

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kanayaandthemiss asked: Hi, im on mobile and sorry if you have this posted homewhere but do you have a tutuorial for the ahab's crosshairs you made? Thanks ^^

I don’t, sorry. I’m still new to props so it was a very trial-and-error type of process. I’ve always found Blind Squirrel Props  to have a very informative blog, as with Volpin Props (his older stuff more so). 

Basically, the shape was cut from wood (MDF), the barrel is PVC pipe, the scope is, well, a scope, and the tip was made from clear plastic sheeting from the art store.

If there’s any more specific questions I could answer, I would be happy to! 

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Animals in Complete Astonishment [imgur]

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Anonymous asked: What's the best/most intense sexual feeling you've ever experienced.


it all started when i saw a picture of rodimus

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who has magnus been hugging by katya-h

hey katyamondfische your pic’s making its way around again ;u;

how does this get so many notes as a repost XD

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IHust wiOke upmy whol hOUSSe

I’m telling this story again b/c fuck it but anyways I was playing D&D and one of my friends went “brown bear brown bear what do you see” and on cue three of us turn to him and like, death metal screech “ALLLL”.

The dude goes completely pale faced. I saw true horror in his eyes. 

He didn’t know the joke.

So apparently dude just had three of his best friends demonically screech at him for no goddamn reason.

I do not think I will ever cause that level of sheer terror and confusion ever again in my life.

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Ultimate horror scenario

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  • me after 15 seconds of work: i just cant do this anymore
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trying to sleep during the summer


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"You have so much potential!! i know you can do better!!"image

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Animals in Halloween costumes!!!

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